S P R I N G 2 0 1 6


Together with the Brabant Water Board I looked at the abundance of grey water streaming out of cities. 
Grey water is not suitable for drinking. Mostly, grey water is coming from out of our own houses and office buildings. In Europe the sink, shower and bath generate up to 120 litres of grey water per person, a day! Maybe there are other usages for this waste or new approaches for dealing with it. Discussing different aspects, we looked deeper into one field. What if the responsibility lies with the residents, if there would be no water board controlling an enormous filtration system?

What if water waste management would be the responsibility of the residents within a neighborhood?

Imagine snow melting, water streaming down the mountain. A long path, passing all kinds off different rocks, vegetation and more. Hold up by many small ponds, water becomes so clear we could drink it. A natural filtration system you could say.
 Imagine a pipeline system, integrated throughout the whole neighbourhood, filtering and using grey water. Hold up by different architectural structures or buildings it filters (and possibly reuses) grey water. Imagine us working together, the architectural landscape changing or even our houses inside changing. A simple organisation within one neighbourhood; where everyone is responsible for their collective grey water generation.