The flow of movement is something I relate to strongly because I recognize and experience it in many activities I do. 
Herewith I started my landmark, to research my physically behavior and way of thinking.
A lot of common daily activities already have a rhythmic order of combined movements. Cycling, walking up or down a staircase, chopping vegetables in small pieces or just chewing are rhythmic movements we do in a quick and brief tempo; cleaning your butt on the toilet might take a bit longer, anyhow you repeat your actions... The intention is to form an experience and visualize the flow of the motions during a constant tempo. By moving your arms and legs and laying your weight differently to the middle point of the model, you are able to push and roll the model forward. Repeating the steps will create a constant flow, while combing different steps will result in a unique course. Both approaches can continue limitlessly or turn backwards. The experience will be of a conscious state with controlled motions, moving as one or moving through the model in different steps. Being aware of the influence by walking and pushing on the model makes it possible to move freely in it. Using the awareness and controlled motions in a repetitive pattern, the model will roll with a constant tempo straight forward. While doing this, a 'meditative state' during moving can be created. Likewise, interacting with the model by moving impulsively (more reacting on it) in different ways through it with a constant rolling tempo creates a unique full body and mind experience.

More specifically, flow is for me the rhythm across an order of consecutive actions.

What is crucial are the motions, which have to be in a constant tempo, and the control of the object you interact with. While bearing these things in your mind, you can determine the rhythm,tempoetc of your actions and experience in a very conscientious way.